A Crazy Weekend Arrival

Well…. I’m not sure exactly where to start. (too much to tell)

The past few days actually began with a not so fun flight delay resulting in missing my connecting flight in Frankfurt, but from there on, I was super lucky in my travels. I met another DIS student in my class at the counter where we were both trying to reschedule our flights into Stockholm. 15 minutes later, we had a new flight out in the afternoon and were able to relax and introduce ourselves after all the craziness. DIS was super helpful after we contacted them about the flight and I was even connected to a host family that was picking up their student at the airport when I landed in Stockholm. They also lived in Sollentuna (where my RC is located) and were able to give me a ride to my building!

I arrived at the RC just in time for dinner with my floormates and became fast friends with my roommate. The rest of the night was spent unpacking and trying to learn everyone’s names(don’t worry, it takes  a few days). Sunday morning we made breakfast with the help of our RA and got to know each other a little better while the afternoon was spent grocery shopping, an experience I will never forget.

Our residence is luckily very close to the train station and mall in Sollentuna, making it very easy to go shopping at the large ICA (the biggest chain grocery store). Not only was the store so humongous, it had so many different types of food I was not used to seeing and everything was in Swedish. If you have trouble identifying foods by sight, google translate is your friend and watch out for milk and yogurt, they are in very similar cartons and easy to mix up!

Later that night, a few friends and I went to find Paddy’s Pub, the closest restaurant/bar to where we live. Though we forgot to actually check the map before we left, we managed to find it easily, especially without the use of our phones. There we enjoyed a beer and met up with other floormates who had gone out to explore some of the city. I don’t know if it’s just an American thing, but being able to buy a beer and sit at the bar with friends as a social gathering was very satisfying, as if I was one step closer to being a “true” adult.

Overall, the weekend was loads of fun, kind of hectic, and a great experience. I’m looking forward to writing about the first few days of orientation and then eventually the first few days of classes!



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