One Week Away from Adventure

Hi everyone!

For a short, haphazard introduction of myself, my name is Caroline Ware, but I usually go by Cary (yes, it’s the boy spelling…family name of some sort). I am currently a Junior at the University of Rochester studying as a Neuroscience major with Chinese and Psychology minors. This coming fall semester I will be studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweden with the DIS program, hence my first ever attempt at a blog. I’m hoping to share all my experiences with my classes, my exploration of Stockholm, and overall traveling!

Now only one week away from departure, it’s finally hitting me that I’m really studying abroad, that I’m not just heading back to Rochester like normal. The past few days have been spent figuring out how I’m going to pack, trying to gather everything I need into a one suitcase, and realizing that yes, I can buy things like shampoo in Sweden. Getting documents in order and checking that I have all my medications can be stressful sometimes, but it’s also exciting! That’s the enigma of packing.

With all this in mind, I still have a lot to do. But, family and friend visitations have been planned, where I know I’ll be answering lots of questions about my trip, and I’m here writing. Keeping up with blogging is my goal of documenting my experience, as I have always been notorious for failing to take pictures while traveling. This time though, I’ll make sure to post plenty about my trip, as I know previous students blogs helped a lot in my decision to join this program. So, trying not to ramble on here, thanks for joining me on my journey and stay tuned for more about my departure and arrival in Stockholm!!

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. — Henry Miller

View from the Chesapeake Bay

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