Orientation in Stockholm


As with most university programs, you start with orientation. Here at DIS that includes exploring Stockholm for three days, a whirlwind of activities, and new friendships.

Monday started with the entire group of Sollentuna(our residence area) students making our way onto the train towards Stadion(DIS station). One thing about Sweden is that public transportation is key to getting around, and super easy. I am already comfortable finding my way around and exploring new parts of the city. I will say though, the escalator at our transfer station, where we switch from the Pendaltag (commuter train) to the T-bana(metro), is broken currently. That means we have about 5 flights of stairs to climb everyday in the station. But, I mean, it saves on a gym membership right?

Once arriving at DIS, I was surprised to see that we are in the same building as the Royal College of Music! This means that we have access to free concerts and get to experience a bit more of the music world here in Stockholm, something I am personally invested in. DIS has a great set of classrooms, study areas, and kitchens here, with a wonderful coffee vending machine, cause those 8:30am classes require a little caffeine.

After introductions were made, a set of workshops followed, covering everything from transportation to textbooks to phone cards. All the useful information you need for school, and next came the tour of Gamla Stan, the highlight of the day. Gamla Stan is also known as the Old city part of Stockholm, full of history and beautiful sights. Smaller groups of about 5 people were sent on a scavenger hunt here, where we walked around for about 2-3 hours, enjoying the sun.

The Day ended with the Opening Ceremony where teachers shared stories of studying in Sweden, guest performers sang, and the entire class stood and belted out the lines to Dancing Queen. When in Sweden, ABBA is the way to go!

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