City Kayaking

Now into the month of September, the weather is slowly changing from summer sun to autumn fog. Most DIS students are rushing around, trying to spend as much time exploring the outdoor beauty that Stockholm has to offer, before the cold rushes in. This past Saturday, in order to take advantage of sun while it was out, a couple friends and I made our way into the city for a kayaking adventure!

We found a beautiful little kayaking company that runs a small stand near Hornstull.  There we rented 4 kayaks for a 1 1/2 to 2 hour self-guided tour through the canals and waterways around the islands. The whole experience cost about $25/person, which was pretty reasonable for the whole trip. They included maps, waterproof bags for our things (something I hadn’t even thought of), and a small teaching session before we set out on the do’s and don’ts of kayaking. We were all beginners, so we all appreciated the easy nature of the experience.

Our path took us around one of the smaller islands near Hornstull and through the inner canals set in the park there. The city horizon outlined against the water sparked a realization in me. Not only am I in another country, I am going to be here for the next few months studying subjects I’m passionate in! These kind of experiences are what makes studying abroad such an important opportunity to grow as you reach adulthood.

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Brief insight into the greater parts of life over, I am pleased to announce only one of us flipped over during our time on the water! Thankfully, we were back in the canal at this point and it only took a few minutes of maneuvering to the bank of the river to get on our way again. Saturday ended full of laughs, slightly wet, and surprisingly insightful. This is only the start of the semester, so I’m looking forward to what the future brings here.


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