More on the First Week

In addition to orientation on Monday, the rest of the first week was busy with classes and events. Tuesday was actually mostly a free day of exploring. The morning was spent visiting the Swedish version of the DMV to register for our residence permits, which took much less time than I was expecting (just another thing Sweden does better). In the afternoon, most people went out shopping or exploring or even taking naps, as a break from the constant flurry of activity.

Wednesdays here at DIS are used for field studies with your classes. Field studies are short trips that you go into the city with your different classes, core course or elective. These can include literally be any sort of situation and aren’t every week, so you do get a nice mid-week break every once and awhile.

This past Wednesday, I met my core class and professor, and we made our way to the fotografiska musset or the photography museum. There we explored the different exhibits and tried to caterogize the different emotions we saw, marking what physical attributes we thought contributed to the perception of that emotion. Discussion about these traits was held over fika, a swedish cultural event, where you take a break to have coffee and a pastry (typically cinnamon buns) and bond with your friends/coworkers. Fika seems to be a very important part of the day here, and most swedes have a Fika everyday of the week.

Thursday and Friday, were the first real days of class. We spent the time introducing ourselves, going over the syllabus/class expectations, and diving right into the course material. All of my professors seem very passionate about their subjects and come from a wide range of backgrounds, especially in research. Another Swedish culture tip, class is usually a very informal setting and you are not expected to call your teacher “Professor Last Name,” instead they go by their first names. With such small class sizes (average of about 15 students), this is really nice for making the class seem very inclusive and open for disscusion!


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